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    Bigger one, to add weapon in mandatory update

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    dlc weapons would NEVER be available on normal maps as not everyone would have access to this gun via DLC.  Same goes for maps... others have said this before.  As for the guy who said something along the lines of "I can pick up a scar but I don't have it unlocked yet"  That is an entirely different situation as you already have access to the gun since it is AVAILABLE to you (regardless of the fact that it is locked until previous level)  This DLC weapon would NOT be available to you if YOU don't have the DLC.  The only way they would even be able to do this would be to make this weapon FREE for everyone and even then people would actually have to download that dlc for it... if they haven't downloaded it.... guess what?  They would be able to play any maps with anyone that happens to have the dlc already downloaded.... so My guess would be that this gun it actually for zombies.  When have we EVER gotten more weapons for MP via dlc?

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    That's why it's saying "for the first time ever" things change, times have change.. With a game update they can add a gun into the game. Stop acting like you know what you are talking about when activision has already made amazon uk take it down since its to early. You'll see that I'm right

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    on battlefield they released new weapons as a dlc when some people didnt have them it didnt matter.

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    sgtDLC wrote:


    Weapon can't take 500mb. That was sarcasam. Do you read at all what am I saying? And you are right with this.

    gdexter wrote:


    Why would a weapon take 500mb of RAM? You are forgetting everything else that is loaded - the map, textures, players, sounds etc - this all takes up RAM.


    What this got to do with adding new weapon?

    You are saying they need to change everything to put 1 weapon in game?

    Do you even listen to yourself what are you saying?


    And adding weapons is possible they just need to do mandat0ry update when you start the game so we all downl0ad that weapon but that will cost tons of dolar$ because they don't have their own servers and need to pay to micro$oft.

    Then who ever buy dlc will have weapon in their loadouts and will be able to make classes with it but rest of us can only pick it up.

    That is the only way to put it in game

    And people will NOT be able to pick it up because they did not buy it.

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    wraithoverlord wrote:


    Info source found here Trying to find the original tweet but to no avail so far.


    http://www.escapistmagazine.com/forums/read/7.397534-Black-Ops-2-Revolution-DLC- Unofficially-Revealed


    Infinity Ward Executive Producer Mark Rubin stated on his own Twitter account last year that Modern Warfare 3 was unable to handle additional weapons due to RAM limitations. Perhaps Treyarch managed to find a way around the issue.


    And it was stated the year before that in Black Ops. Its still the xsame game engine regardless if they upgraded it.


    Only possible way they could add a weapon in this game is if there were a memory slot already on disc in the game and thats it.

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    OR.... It will be a manditory download for everyone that boots up the game and only people that spent the extra cash for the DLC will be able to use it. The end. If you dont pony up some cash, tough sh!t, you don't get to use it. It's supporting the creation of more content including weapons and maps. That is what you pay extra for, to enjoy more content than you initially payed for.

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    Well regardless I'm looking forward to using it and slaying some people/zombies haha

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    Yes the gun will be available.  BF3 had 30 DLC guns.  Everyone has a mandatory update when the DLC comes out.  The gun will be included in it.  The only way to unlock the gun will be to purchase the DLC.  BUT because its in the download file if someone dies and you pick it up you will be able to use it until you die.  Not sure why its so hard for people to understand.

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