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FOR COMPLAINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have been seening ppl complaining about the most dumbiest things on these forums like the new SMG PeaceKeeper coming to Black Ops i mean really stop complaining about this bc really if you want to get in real terms here Treyarch could screw everyone over an put Smart Guns in the game to were someone can camp across the map an kill you at your spawn or anywhere you are at without moving from there spot bc there bullets can travel where they tell them I mean lets get real we are playing in 2025 an we have that technology in the real world. We should be looking at this as a opportunity for future COD Games bc lets say Infinity Ward decides to do this for next year and we can put our input into a vote an they bring back one of the guns we really wanted from a previous game that would be awesome. It's awesome to recieve more than just maps or a new mode now they are going to added weapons an everyone is like going crazy saying "why are they doing that" its going to ruin the game when in real terms here the game is the same. Also, getting on here complaining about Boosters in several forums is crazy just stop worrying about it they don't affect your game play the only person they are hurting is there selfs bc when they get caught they will be on here saying "why did my stats get reset and why am i banned from the game" also, if you play hardcore an there doing it kill your teammate thats doing it and the booster they will leave or if in core play just run by an kill that person boosting with your teammate and make sure to destroy there tac or kill them again so really stop complaining i just gave you a good tip on what to do. Ok i have also, seen numerous complaints about lag lets get real here you don't lag every game and if you do it's mostly guranteed your internet and before someone gets on here an says no its the game i have lagged to but it only happens once unless you run into a lag switcher that yes i can agree about the lag but you know when you are going to run into them bc everyone you kill you are fine then out nowhere another one comes an your guy starts spazzing in one spot for no reason and he kills you there is your lag switcher proof. Also, stop posting modded controller forums no one wants to read them complaining about them does nothing also, theres a difference in modded controllers and rapid fire controllers yes modded controller have rapid fire but a standard rapid fire controller doesn't have dropshot or anything else modded controllers have. Plus, if you say there cheating well guess what buddy i can agree with modded controllers but Scuf controllers are cheating to extra buttons on the back of the controller also, able to adjust your triggers yeah ok a standard xbox 360 controller doesn't have that. So make sure you know the difference between Modded controller, Scuf controllers and Rapid Fire controllers. Now i know this is alot covered but it was needed the real issues are this Hackers and Glitchers thats what this community needs to focus on. Hackers are making it to where lightweight allows them to run across the map super quick to sit at the B flag in domination right when the game starts. I have seen this happen several times game starts up an we are all on the flag but the other team has theirs capped before you or both teams capped their flag at the same time but you have 4 ppl on the other team at the B flag sitting and waiting for you when its the same distance on both sides i could understand if they were running extreme conditioning but heres all that you see in the kill cam that they are using lightweight, toughness and dexerity i mean i don't about anybody else but my class with that stuff doesn't make it to where i'm sitting and waiting. An about the Glitchers they are taking Extreme Advantage of the coping stats and ranks i have seen several Prestige Masters that are little kids that are what maybe 9-11 in age and here them get called out an they say "I'm legit check my stats" yeah ok buddy i bet you are Treyarch needs to take care of these issues with the Fake Rankers. Thank for reading an put down what you have had trouble with or what you have seen.