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Touch Of Class! ... Now recruiting on PS3!

Hello Everyone!


I am apart of the new clan Touch Of Class! [TOCs]


We are a new clan that is looking for anyone on PS3! Ideally people that have a KD ratio of at least 1.2 or more. (Don't worry if you don't, being apart of this clan will help you to increase your KD)


We will accept anyone that has MW2, BlackOps, MW3 and BlackOps 2! We tend to play mainly on MW3 and BlackOps2.

We encourage anyone to join our clan! We are a nice bunch of guys that like to have fun, but also compete!


Please get friends to join and we will accept 99% of requests!! JOIN HERE -----> https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/5342529


If you have any questions, message me on here!


Look forward to hearing back from some of you!