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BO2 [xbox360] [Nz/Au]

Right so i created the clan soooooo, Join! Small requirements thou. 250+ spm 1.3kd/r+  We do not care if you w/l ratio is 0.4 as i know how it feels to play with complete noobs that leaves you soloing the objective, also if you do not meet the requirements you may still be able to join if you meet the requirements you are automaticly accepted So the clan is called "The-Alliance" it's leaders are "Exz Slayer" "Exz Reaper" and "MysticPwny" add "Exz slayer" on xbox for more info and if you wont a invite comment below no need to list your stats as i can view them via your profile Also if we get a few members in this clan we might make a competitive gamebattles or cybergamer team for 4v4 or 5v5. Might start a clan yotuube aswell if we get a few members this is just black ops 2 we don't have any level on Mw3 and if you join and your elite for mw3 we can enlist in the challenges and ops for you but i will not be playing Soooooo just message me on xbox live or comment below your gamer tag