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Deranked without reason


i got a real problem....

yesterday i play with a friend CoD MW3 on Xbox 360

we play in a 2vs2 Lobby...and we play vs lowlvler.

my finalscore was 29/0 because they don't kill me..

after 2 rounds that we play in the same lobby,

my friend and me get kicked out of the lobby...

we have tried to rejoin on the onlineserver.

it doesn't work because we both have a 2 day ban.

i dont know why we get banned and deranked,

because we dont boost or something else...

can anybody help us to get our old lvl back?
(my lvl : Prestige 7, lvl 43)
(Friend's lvl : Prestige 0, lvl 57)
Thank you for help