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Does anyone's questions ever get answered on here?


Activision doesn't care about any of you. So keep giving them your money. Try contacting them by phone. They have an automated phone line that runs you through a guantlet and then hangs up on you in the end. Some real twisted pricks run this show. Con artist and theives is the criteria of working at Activision. I have the biggest list of crap they've put me through and I'm not even going to mention it here. Because this is my final post. You haven't responded to any question I've posted. And I will only support companies that care about thier clients. I'm gonna drag your name through the dirt and make it my lifes goal to recruit people who've had enough of your unfair practices. And bring you to justice. People are sick of your horrible customer service. They feel used that they've given you countless amount of money. And you feel no obligation to respond to your supporters needs. Shame on you