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Revolution DLC Trailer...

Thought I'd post this here for those who haven't yet checked it out...


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    Hydro looks interesting!


    I'll call it first: WATER IS OP!

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    Hydro just reminds me of "Berlin" in BO1, a huge area where you can risk going but generally it's not worth it. Grind reminds me of stadium, same uber bright colours and some curves. A snow map should have been included in the release, to hold it until DLC is just wrong..


    These guys act like they are so amazing when it comes to designing maps, but they fail to realise that people think their maps are sh!te. We want big(ish) maps without the usualy three paths that all the current BO2 maps have (minus Carrier and standoff)


    P.s. DV looks like a complete douche in real life..

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    Wow, more danger in a zombies map, just what's needed..  Die rise is way too small and up close to be playing past level 10 with a horde of zombies running at you and graphics lag.  Also turned isn't new, it was in black ops 1 but they either disabled it or didn't finish it, or they intended it to be dlc like this one and it's probably already on the bo2 disc as well.  I'm not sure how you get a hybrid smg/ar either, surely it can only be one or the other??  Clearly the smgs are already slightly weaker assault rifles anyway.

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    Sorry, forgot what forum I was on for a second there.


    How's this:


    *****, that all looks like total garbage! An ********** SMG/AR hybrid? Totally ridiculous and probably **** OP like everything else! Based upon the tiny glimpse that they show in the video those maps are all obviously WAY too ****** small! Dynamic environments? That's just stupid. Nobody wants that!


    How dare they take any pride at all in something they've obviously worked hard on! Why would they speak positively about something that they're trying to promote? That's terrible marketing! They should just say "Here's a bunch of crap nobody will like. Please buy it!"


    Oh yeah, and those guys talking in the video are ugly!



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    Is it me or does it seem that Treyarch is now a two man team? hahaha perhaps thats why were experiencing so many issues.

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    hate to say it, but i do like the look of those maps!

    lets just hope they fix the game then reduce the season pass price back down to what it was originally advertised at, or i wont be able to justify wasting more money.