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Camping? Who can blame them?

Everyone knows I play in a clan, mostly made up of U.S players but with a few european too. So when i'm in a party of U.S players my connection does tend to take a turn for the worse. However, for a couple of days I have played solo at lunchtime, to see if gets any better. lololololol yeah right, of course it doesn't. Every game I was in I go negative, because I never see the person who shoots me until i'm dead. I also notice that every players scores are similar, either being slightly positive or negative, except for one player, who always scores in the high teens or twenties with just a few deaths. Obviously he's the host, but when this BS goes on in every match you can't blame people for hiding in corners trying to get the points. I'm mostly the one going negative because I don't sit in corners. But I can't help thinking, what is the point of this game. The matchmaking clearly doesn't work. Its throwing people together with all sorts of ping and stuff with one super host, regardless of how many bars it shows each player has, they are wrong. One or two players in each game I can kill, its the same people, but when you meet the others, you don't even see them. In my opinion, this is the worst issue of the game so far. Something has to be done or this will kill the game completely. We have to make a big issue of this on miiverse too, we have to warn new people to the game and the people who haven't bought the game, but are thinking about buying it. Thanks for reading..

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    60$ to To hide and play like a coward is never okay. The matchmaking is bad i get into laggy games i never camp never will I'm not a *****.

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      Linyao wrote:


      The matchmaking is bad i get into laggy games i never camp never will I'm not a *****.

      Trust you to take away the main point. Thats basicly what I said too, But its still not the point. I completely understand why people do it. Sitting in the corner hiding is still better than spending most of the game spectating because you're dead all the time. I have 15 second respawns most of the time, so after a few games, I just get fed up and switch the game off.

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    sometimes i stop and think (very dangerous indeed), why am i running round this map trying to kill people whom are 1.2346547868906565357860764 seconds ahead of me.


    i dont mind being killed if its by someone who is better or if i make a rash mistake, but i feel like im being punished for something i have no control over.


    so i can understand why some people would want to sit in a corner for 10 minutes getting 2 kills...almost.


    but for me if i dont enjoy a game i wont play it, i just play somethign else.

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    Players who complain about campers are just bad players.


    Different strategies and different styles make the game fun and interesting. Snipers don't, by definition, run and gun. Those of us on the bad side of lag have to change our approach just to stay cometitive. One way is to use our camoflage by finding a good vantage point and taking out the run-and-gunners when they sprint past us.


    I really don't see a lot of true campers (2 kills in 10 minutes), but when I come across them, they're sitting ducks. Kill me once, it's good play. Kill me again (and again and again), and it's my fault for now being smart.

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    I understand your point, but the problem I have with campers is they don't contribute to the team.


    There's been a few TDM matches where I lost by a very close amount because some guy on my team thought it was a fantastic idea to hide in a corner with his target finder LMG and go 4-1 instead of pulling his own weight. Very irritating....

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    I don't mind one camper.  I don't blame them either.  And what you described is pretty much how every match goes.  The host dominates until he gets in a match where he's not the host, doesn't get his 2.0 KDR, and then leaves.  Everyone else does about the same either with like a 1.5 KD or they go negative. 


    The problem I have with campers is when you get 3 people camping in a building.  It's impossible to take them all out unless they're stupid and you just really have lag comp working for you.  So you're left to hunt down the rest of the team while avoiding a section of the map so you don't get sniped.  You can run over there and probably kill one of them, but you're almost definitely going to die.  They will win the match though because the whole team keeps running over there instead of letting them sit and not get kills. 

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      Can I just remind everyone, this isn't a thread about campers. Its about the matchmaking not working. I know every bodies opinions about campers already. Thank you

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        There's not really much else to say- it's on all the versions currently. It's not something they're going to fix overnight and it's something that they're obviously aware of now...


        But your topic does bring up the argument of camping. It's a legit method in a game where there's so much anti-camping equipment. I hate campers, but I hate it because I'm the one being killed- I'm often not in a position to go around the camper as I end up on the enemies spawn side against 3+ people, or I'm so lustful for revenge that skill goes out the window and I run in like a retard and get myself killed again.


        At the end of the day- I've never played an FPS that doesn't have camping. if there's a world built with buildings and windows and that world has corners, there's going to be someone there to camp. The only way to stop camping is to have a constant UAV in the air, and that would bring a whole load of issues if that were the case and it were implemented.


        Just avoid someone if you think they're camping. Maybe throw a good grenade their way if you can spare one and hope it gets them, otherwise just leave well alone- campers without a prey don't get any goods.


        The only other thing I can think of is that the red dot on the map when firing stays for the duration hat the player is in the particular room they are firing from, giving away their location. If they move upstairs or it's a big room, then it can fade away as they move a certain distance from it. That would simulate gunfire giving away position and alert the entire team to a camper to go and kill.

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      All I know is that everytime I look at your avatar real quick, it looks more like a woman laying down with her hands crossed over her boobies, head tilted back...not a tiger. That's all.

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    A song for the campers