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Host Migration... I mean c'mon.  Again?

Seriously,  why not just say 'f' it.  Give the host the best connection with the least lag in the lobby.  Clearly they have the best internet for that lobby.  If you wouldnt give them the notorious 'host disadvantage' then the migrations would be minimal.  I cant get into a game where there arent at least 2 of these migrations.  I bet I end up host in about 40% of my games.  I quit every time because i cant shoot anyone once it migrates to me.  Most other people do the same.


Doesnt it make sense to just say screw the migrations, have a better connection?

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    Sorry, thats my rant of the day.  Partially fueled by my hatred of being host and part by all the damn migrations.

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    I know how you feel but the problem is this, Back in the days of Cod4 the host did have a slight advantage and was the only person in the lobby really with the advantage. The problem with this was that it would take ages for a game to get going as people kept leaving the game intill they found a game which made them host.

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      hmmm... thats interesting.  I never played cod4 so i cant attest to it.  MW2 had the host advantage, but it was minimal.  seemed to work fairly well.  I think now you have the opposite problem.  continually interrupted gameplay.  You know, the genuine solution is to eliminate the KD.  Then people wouldnt care about being host, except that I think some people's heads would explode if you did that. haha.

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        K/D being removed wouldn't change a thing. People aren't going to continue playing when their actions aren't registering correctly. It's simply unfair, that's why people back out.


        I care more about my win ratio than my K/D but it didn't stop me backing out. I have currently backed out indefinitely and until I see this lag comp fixed and/or host disadvantage (or whatever the problem is) and people on here agree that it's fixed then I won't be playing it again.

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    Many people including myself have been complaining about the hosting issue since Black Ops 1 to no avail.


    I have actually had some pretty decent games being the host but the majority of the time the lag and frame stutter is so bad I have a hard time even shooting players.


    Guaranteed if there is a host migration in a match I jumped into I'm going to be picked to be the host and will continue to host every match after that.  This has been my experience like I said above, since Black Ops 1.


    I have even been a **** at times and hit the ps button on the controller and signed out of the psn network during matches when the lag is so bad it becomes unplayable. 


    The only ones not complaining are the ones with crappy internet or people using their cell phones that never host.  Was actually matched with a guy in zombies who told us he was using his cell phone to connect his ps3 to the internet.  Needless to say he was lagging like crazy and made the rest of us lag as well.

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    The most host migrations I had in one game was 5. Ultimately, I wound up getting host and lagging behind everyone else, so I rage quit. Technically that would've made it 6 host migrations for that game but I wasn't around long enough for that


    Quite clear this host disadvantage is rampant and I'm quite positive that nothing will be done about it. I'm sure the morons at 3arc are simply gonna leave this as a "deal with it" sort of mentality.