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Second Chance Gamers RECRUITING! (PS3 - BO2 - Level 17)


Second Chance Gamers [x2CG] is now recruiting!


On BlackOps2 we are currently Level 17 and rising fast! On MW3 we reached Clan Level 50 with 2 clans!


We compete in EVERY Clan Operation and Clan Challenge. We are very active on YouTube, Twitter (@2ndChanceGamers), Facebook & FB Groups & definately in game! Bunch of cool gamers that love to chill and game out but get serious & go HARD when it comes to those Ops & Challenges!


We are looking for some DEDICATED & LOYAL players. Our site is: www.secondchancegamers.com There you could chat live with members, browse our store (maybe buy something ), or apply by clicking 'Join SC:G'. It will lead you directly to our forum ( scg.boards.net ). Register and apply!!! Make sure to check out the SC:G Code of Conduct.


We look foward to meet the next wave of soldiers!!!