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Todays Clan Challenge


Core Capture The Flag

Highest Total Flag Defends



now would you class that as kills within your flags defence area or kills defending your enemy flag carrier?

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    I think its flag defends vs flag carrier "escorts". Could be wrong though.

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    This event doesnt make sense.  There is no way to track how many  you get, it is no where in the leaderboard, nor end of game score.  Also when you kill someone about to grab you flag all it says is "killed flag attacker"  It says nothinga bout defends.  How is this tracked anyway, is this kill an enemy before he grabs your flag or can it count after he grabs the flag??  If this is the case does this mean you have to just sit and camp and hope that the 2 seconds that the attacker is in the area that will count you get a kill.  That seems like an even that promotes camping for sure.