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FinalOwnage_Elite looking for New Members .aka. (FOE)


This is the (FinalOwnage_Elite) web page. if you would like to join just fill an app out and i will have a look at it. then we will host a match with you to see how good you are. We are a organized clan.  If you like to join this clan you got to be dedicated to it, and be an active player. We are a serious clan, and Growing!! We partake in ClanOps Competitions, and Clan Battles.Thank u for taking your time to read our intro.


- Age Limit: 15+


- Must have COD ELITE


- Microphone: Required to join


- Stat Requirements: None, just be a Team Player!


- Times we play: All hours of the day/night


- Great advancement opportunities


- Clan battles and competitions


Registration is simple. What are you waiting for?


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