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Looking for members!!! PS3 Clan for Black ops 2!!! 1.89 k/d ratio!!!

Clan Elite: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/5022866

Clan name: Destroy on Sight

Clan K/D ratio: 1.90

Clan level: 10

Clan members: 30

Clan Tag: D0Sx

Console: PS3

Destroy on sight is a growing and beastly clan. Our clan level is 1.90 and is growing every day. We are a seroius clan which means that we play clan ops and clan chalenges but we arent strict about it. Everyone in the clan is really chill and nice. We always play in groups and we dominate every game. Out of all the clans I've been in this is the most fun and friendly clan. There are requirements for this clan that u have to meet. Look below for the requirments.


  • U must have at least a 1.50 k/d ratio and 1.00 w/l ratio.
  • If u did prestige hack then u must try out for clan.
  • Score per minute should be atleast around the 300s or high 200s

Add me on PS3: afghangangsta14

Click that apply button on elite page if u want to be part of this beast clan.