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Host lag comp is out of control!


For the people that are regularly hosts, like I am 8 of 10 games, a lag comp so ridiculas makes the game un-playable. lag it a little to match the lobby, but why make it such a disadvantage to be host??? and if you insist on making the game un-playable for the host, rotate the host each game or something. makes no sense to disadvantage one player every damn game.

i now understand why people leave games, i've started doing it as i am sick to death of playing a game where i am 1 second behind everyone else. i dont care what you say, i KNOW you would leave a game where it is impossible to kill ANYONE, and it is very very hard to kill anyone when you are one second behind them in time. and if you say otherwise, if you say that you would never leave a game regardless, thats bull. you just havent had to deal with it this crap

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    Host has the greatest advantage in Black Ops 2. Video is rather long and the dudes voice is off but it goes into great detail http://youtu.be/ZoFnIckyoxg

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    i have never seen host have a disadvantage. not once. not in all the games i have played. not in Halo 2, not in halo 3, not in halo reach, Not in CoD 4, Not in CoD WaW, Not in CoD MW2, not in CoD BO, Not in CoD MW3, and certinally not in BO 2.

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    Er plenty of hosts had disadvantage in mw3. The same scenario has repeated itself in blops 2. While it might not be so clean cut as mw3 due to the inconsistency which could be due to the matchmaking it still exists. The people with low latency connections including myself seem to report it.


    In order to remove the host advantage they had to do something, unfortunately up until now they just haven't got it right for the minority, only the majority.

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    First off, the only games I seem to do very well in are when I am host. Most of the time i have to fight to stay even and I occasionally go slightly negative when I'm not host. Now with that being said, and this is gonna sound like I'm crazy but believe it or not I lag behind almost every player in games where the entire lobby has 4 bars!! Now you can think i'm nuts and it is all in my head but i am being dead serious. In games where I am a 3 or 4 bar and there are a couple of other 3 or 4 bars I seem to have the least amount of lag, and in games where everyone is a 4, I start rubberbanding, my screen shows others running in place and I get killed before I can draw my gun, (especially on hijacked as of a couple days ago). I'm not sure what the reasons for this is however I know it is not my connection.So let the trolling begin if you must, however this is really happening from my pov.

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    Yeah. I have the same in my games.

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    If you are having a disadvantage while being host it means your connection is not up to par. Somewhere in your internal network or external(you cannot really control) there is an issue.


    I get host ocassionally and I only have dsl. When I do I only have issues if playing people out of country, if they are within the US and only a few states away it works fine for me and my connection is only 3mb down .75mb up with an average ping of about 130ms with maybe 3ms jitter at times. Even those that really means nothing since what my console gets is not the same as what my laptop gets because of how they are connected.

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    Hey tsd you just made it into the below average group. Many of us that you disagree with are in the above average group. Connection groups. We assume and yes you can pick holes in that, that the thresholds for this game works at optimum for the majority average connection and us minority above average connections get problems like host disadvantage.


    We're happy the game works so well for you we really are. Let's not be selfish now though and appreciate that other people have different connections/matchmaking/experiences.

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    I totally get the same experience as you Hitman. I'm not always aware of the fact that I'm host but I've found that in a game where it doesn't matter what I do I just can't seem to get a kill, or when I do it's because the other player wasn't looking, I leave the game. Turns out I'm host. I don't like to leave games but when you go 0 and 9 because you're being severely lag compensated than it's not fair.


    In other games where there is lag because of connection, distance etc, but you're not host, then the game is more often than not, still playabe but just not as easy to get kills. When you're host and getting lag compensated, it's near impossible to get kills.


    I agree with you, why should we be penalised so heavily for hosting a game? If they fix this, then there would be less changing of a host in games.

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    The problem is that those that assume that paying for a higher priced isp package means they should get a better game than someone that does not.


    If people would stop saying I pay for xyz package the game should be abc for me than things maybe would ever be taken a bit more serious by the devs. But for as long as everyone cries that their xyz connection is not better than someone elses and it should be because they paid more.. well the devs are not really gooing to ever listen to those complaints that much or take them serious.


    The so called host lag issue only really comes in to play when matchmaking places you with players too far away. When you get a good local or close by lobby there is no disadvantage at all and in fact the host gets an advantage at that point.


    I had a match where I was host on overflow, I basically was tearing up the other team and I am just an average player at besst. My k/d at the end of the match was way higher than anyone else in the lobby. Yet had I not been host that would have been a different story.

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