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  • 60. Re: Host lag comp is out of control!

    I dont mind being host, however the youtube record message/thing irritates me. No need for the message to be on while you are playing. 

  • 61. Re: Host lag comp is out of control!

    I did not know that.  I may try it just to see what the result is.

  • 62. Re: Host lag comp is out of control!

    im mostly host and whenever im host i get an huge dissadvantage not even funny...

    before the host migration i **** like its no1's business.

    after host migration i see my connection rising the 1st so im host and i think ah sweet so lag comp cant be a major ***** to me this time:D

    but nop al of a sudden against the very same people i get dominated like no tomorow...

    i think i should win atleast most of those gunfights.

    if i kept winning those gunfights before host migration jumped to me i should be able to easely win those fights aswell host or not.

    but no treyarch says F U your host your gonna get an disadvantage...

    as of now im actualy quiting out lobbies whenever i pull host

  • 63. Re: Host lag comp is out of control!

    How do you know you are host?

  • 64. Re: Host lag comp is out of control!

    I agree its very bad I have fiber optic internet 30 down 5 up 10ms ping and I get host all the time almost every match and I so much at a disadvantage its horrible. I think I'm goin to stop buying COD because the past three have been awful with this lag comp. Be looking out for respawn entertainment the two guys who left infintyward/activision who made mw1 and 2 started there own company and their making the game as we speak. I really think they will blow COD away. NICE thread! Maybe if we bug the devs enough they'll fix this piece of ****.

  • 65. Re: Host lag comp is out of control!

    Funny thing is that i get host 9/10 games still, surprisingly after bridging my connection. The game runs sooo much smoother for me now

  • 66. Re: Host lag comp is out of control!

    The connection has been the same for me since release.  I have played the game in 2 different states roughly 400 miles apart and I haven't noticed a difference in connections playing with the same people.  I have 3-4 bars 90% of the time and win most of my gun fights.  Maybe it is just me and I don't need a throttled down connection to be good at this game.


    Maybe you have the placebo effect.

  • 67. Re: Host lag comp is out of control!

    well you just said the reason yourself you have a 3-4 bar, while i always have a 4 bar no matter who's host, considering i get host 90% of the time. Keep in mind that all i am doing is sharing my PCs connection with my xbox - therefore the bandwidth is divided in two.

  • 68. Re: Host lag comp is out of control!

    I am mainly 3-4 bar because I don't play with people from my region.  I get picked for Host all of the time and don't notice any difference.  The only bad thing I can say about being host is that my xbox has freezing spurs and it makes everyone mad in the lobby.

  • 69. Re: Host lag comp is out of control!

    There is absolutely no question I am at a disadvantage when I'm host. For all of you that don't experience a problem, I'm happy for you and can understand why you might not understand. But you and Treyarch can not tell me that my connection is even, balanced, or fair when I'm host. I don't rage quit a lot. But when I do, the host migrates. I very rarely ever back out of a game because I'm getting killed, but rather my bullets are not registering. Once this happens and I go 0/8 or 0/10, I'm done. And there it is, host migration.

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