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  • 70. Re: Host lag comp is out of control!

    I know the game is so inconsistent that one can never comprehend it. Right now i can literally test this out my self by pluging in an ethernet from router to xbox- and oh God I'll have the worst lag comp experience of my life, but then again if i connect by xbox through an ethernet from my computer the game becomes much more playable. I have tested this so many times, and have never come to a conclusion as to why this occurs.

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    If you are going in 0/10 that has something to do with you as a player not the game.  Sometime I have gone 0/5 and just could not get my head into the game.  Kept getting out played over and over again, so I changed my weapon and my approach.  End up finishing the game like 30-10.

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    You don't understand and thats fine. Its not about dying. I die all the time and am not scarred of it. I have yet to reach a positive k/d in this game. I suck, so what. What I'm getting at is after playing CoD since 2008, I have a very good understanding of an even gun fight and an uneven gun fight. In other words, when I'm not accurate or am late at firing at an enemy I lose. When I shoot first and am accurate, I win. So when I continuously lose gun fights that I see the enemy first, I'm accurate, then don't see hitmarkers, and I die. It enrages me, I back out, and see host migration.

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    Yet that has happened in most COD games.  I had games where I would shoot someone directly and not get a hit marker and they turn around and shoot me.  I saw it on COD4, WAW, and MW2 all the time.  It feels no different now than how it was then.

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    Once again, you don't experience the problem and I'm happy for you. I have experienced problems in the past titles that don't last more than 1 or 2 games. For me, host has always been an advantage. During the game, I do good, and then at the end I'll hear "bkblazer was host". And If I wasn't host I still rarely had any obvious problems. This is the first and hopefully last CoD title that the connection is lopsided for me and being host has been a disadvantage. I still play the game a lot and enjoy it. The reason I'm posting this is the op has had experiences that I can relate to. If you haven't experienced the problem, great, but don't think we are making up fairy tales because we are not good at the game and blame everything but ourselves. Thats not the case, especially in my experience.

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    Wow 8 pages! I hope it's people discussing their experiences with it because at this point there seems no defence for it! I'm guessing the problem its with something so fundamental they can't fix it.


    The developers seem to have made a number of bad descisions on this game and I hope they learn from it.. Probation, bad. Forcing a lag/disabilty on some players, Bad. I would much prefer there was one player running around with a slight advantage than 11 players running around with bullets that bend round corners, who appear like magic in front of you etc etc etc...


    It's a beuatiful game but I understand why the teams behind it havent put their hand up and admitted these problems, how embarassing!

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    I agree with you 100%. Embarassing indeed. I will deal with the problems as long as they learn from their mistakes and can make it fair in the future for everyone, no matter the expense. Maybe this is the slap in the face this franchise needed to get back to basics. A balanced and fair connection is everything when it comes to multiplayer.

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    The host cannot lag and is never behind other players, the host in fact has a huge advantage in this game if you are getting out played on your host you're just trash my friend take it from me I hate playing off host an can tell who's host as soon as he kills me. And I play full party so most people quit and my predictions are correct 90% o the time. Stop blaming lag comp for your lack of skill. Good day.

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    People should remember that everyone has a different connection, so experiences as host will vary. I have found that the host will have the least camera delay, but they will also have a pretty tough time getting hitmarkers. It seems that there is a compensation in place that works well for the host against medium connections, but gives great connections a huge advantage against the host. Really, the last thing you want is an angry host because they control the game and you will see many more dashboards if they can't get a game that treats them fair.

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