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So i just finished a game where i legitly reached prestige master, and half the lobby seen i was a prestige master and started saying i have no life (which is true haha) and that i was a hacker/booster

7 days 18 hours played 1.26 k/d 306 spm .67 w/l with 27.5k kills 640 wins and 3.4mil score. I guess no one actually knows how to spot a hacked/boosted prestige master


and i also got a few messages from people asking if i will give out my account info so they can copy my account to theirs, hahahaha

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    HaHa! People, they're the worst. :-)

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    get used to it. i've mentioned this in a previous post but you should be upset at the people who made your rank look like fool's gold. the cheaters and glitchers out there devalued the master prestige status. i'm at prestige 7 now, but i doubt i'll ever go to master prestige just because of how embarrassing it has become. if anything, prestige 6 and prestige 7 have pretty awesome icons. maybe i'll end my prestige there.