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did uall know 2 stabs from regular knife kills the denizens(facefu#kers)


ya wats up zomfans

i was playing tranzit checking on the new patch.

while trying to see if the shield was patched, i noticed that with out any guns u stap .5 to 1 sec faster.(kinda already new b4 but did not pay any attention)

then when i was stabing the facefu$kers(denizens) 2 stabs kills them, but THATS B4 THEY GET ON UR HEAD.


*with the knuckles, if TIMED RIGHT u can do 1 hit KILL right b4 they get on ur head.                           

*the TRICK with em facefu$kers is that they are WEAK b4 they get on ur head.

*ONCE on ur head they are at a hard to reach place for ur player so it will take:

                                                        5 staps with ur reg. knife

                                                        3 stabs with bowie

                                                        2 hits with the knuckles


I will post a video in a lil but to show uall what iam talking about


                                                                                               thanks KeZ