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Weird thing in mw3. Lag ?

Hello guys. In the game i saw a little glitch,i thing. One game,infected,in arkaden i was at the ''BurgerTown'' or what is the name.I looked up,where is the menu,it looked like i was pointing my aim at a enemy,but there was nothing there.The write was red and the name was ''?'',and the level 1.Then i was disconnected from the server. One day later,at another game , domination in lockdown,i was camping in a corner ( no offence camper haters ) , i looked up and i saw the name ''?'' and the level 1 but it wasen't nothing. I was shooting at it. It dissapeared and i got 100 points and a point at my killstreaks. Please help me,i'm kinda confused. Sorry for my bad english. Thanks. Is it a glitch or what ? Did you had one same experience ?