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Nostalgia and how humans brain work (lag related)

When you like something in life then your brain creates positives emotions toward the things that made you happy. When you do well in a videogame you most likely will enjoy it and you want "more", your brain creates positive emotions for the thing you do, like a drug, this thing called "Satisfaction". You feel like being Home.


You can't deny it that CoD is a easy game to do well and especially the older CoD games, thats why it sells so well. I take MW2 for example, the Killstreak rewards are very satisfying because they are overpowered, everyone loves to get a Killstreak so you can get easy kills. When the positive sides will outweight the negative sides then you will forget about the bad things, like Lag. Yes the old games did had lag in its prime time, you just forgot about it. The player counter doesn't mean much, games like CoD4 have like 400 players online right now in TDM, so it should be laggy, right? wrong. Its quality over quantity, 1000 men can not run faster the same road than 10 horses. Every CoD had lag in its prime time and Black Ops 2 is not different. You just notice it more in the newest CoD games because they removed Stopping Power, not because of the technology aspect, because your brain don't have this "I lost the battle because he has Stopping Power".


I take MW2 once again a example, the FAMAS / M16 are usually a 1 burst kill weapon with Stopping Power, but during the prime time it was more often a 2-3 burst weapon because of the lag, also a lot of Hitmarkers with the Intervention, remember how many people complained about Hitmarkers back then? One other aspect is also that people did become better in the game and there are more clans today, the competition become tougher.


Its just you forgot the lag, the positive sights did outweight the negative, till the people have started hacking the game but thats a other story.

Thats how Nostalgia works, if you liked something in your past then you will remember about the good things and most likely forget about the bad sides.


My point is that every Call of Duty games had lag problems "in its prime time", it didn't started with Black Ops 1 and Lag Compensation, Lag Compensation is something what most people don't even understand what it is, fact is every game had Lag Compensation and Lag has been in every Call of Duty game. You just have to remember.


Nothing is perfect and especially not gaming over internet with all the factors.


Have a good day.

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