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Lag comp is insane

tch Hydra

Prefire smg a random nobody of rank 1, yet no hitmarks were given that day.


Instead he stood still, took his time to finally get his crosshair on me, and proceeded with pressing RMB to land an easy kill on me.


I don't get it, CoD was at it's gameplay peak with cod2/4/waw, and then made a MAJOR downfall when mw2 and titles thereafter came out.



  • Re: Lag comp is insane

    Why? Activision, that´s why!

    Look at every single gaming company they took over.

    Before: Customer Service and REAL effort to satisfy people

    After: Get us our money and FU CK you till next year.

    Thats why i will never buy a activision game again.

    Oh and crying on this forum is useless, as well as it is on twitter,

    just don´t buy their ****. when they are loosing money, maybe they will wake up.