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I need a Partner!

I know it's an old game, but it is a good game. That's why I am trying to get the platinum trophie.


I need a partner to get the last 4 star of the special ops on Modern Warfare 2.


Only two missions:


Snatch and Grab and Wetwork.


The hardest of course.


Can someone help me?!?!?!


Here my PSN ID: renatrof


Thank you!

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    i will help you and i was kind of a late bloomer with the call of duty games, now i play them all, so i was also wondering is there no online general play for mw2 since most people probably play mw3 and bops2. I was trying to get online for multi there but could not. Can anyone awnser this. Does it basically no longer exist, you have to do private matches with friends now or what?

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      Well, I am from Brazil, and we love mw2, lots of people play mw3 but we realy love mw2.


      My hard drive just crash yesterday, and I lost my save from mw2! Just 4 star missing. That's sad.


      I will play all again hope you can help me. thnx!