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Shock Charges = Camper Sticks

The idea of a 'Shock Charge' isn't that bad. You plant a tactical device like a mine, and when the enemy sets it off, he is stunned. They seem like a pretty nice new addition to the game... That is until you see what else they can do.


When a shock charge is set off, the players screen lights up with a hitmarker and makes a specific noise. If the enemy sees the charge, they can attempt to hack or destroy it, but this will alert the player because the commentator tells him.


So it's not just a shock charge...


It's also a way to monitor any hallway you want. Perfect for campers to sit back and and plant them pretty much anywhere they want and just wait for them to go off. In a bigger game, this might not matter, but most of these maps only have three directions to go... Left, Right, and Center... So when everyone starts planting them, they can get pretty annoying, even though I always use the Engineer perk.


This is why a Shock Charge should be refered to as... Camper Sticks.

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