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Great F/A - Bo2 / Mw3 - Active!


Hi all!


I am currently looking for an ELITE Call of Duty clan right now that has high player-count and plays both Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops: 2! I have been searching for a clan since August 2012, when my small gaming community collapsed. I have learned not to be too picky.


I am just on the lookout for a clan that actually PLAYS TOGETHER! *gasp*


Maxed Prestige in every Call of Duty with the exception of Black Ops 2 (3rd). I find myself a great team player. I'll bring with me great communication skills. Have a good sense of humor. I just miss playing with friends, it gets really lonely when you're in a lobby - playing by yourself.


Currently I have the free ELITE (if that's good enough).


If you have any questions or would like to give me a try (out?), then post below whatever link / questions you would like to ask. (ELITE site, official clan site, age, K/D, whatever).


Thanks! Hope I find a clan!