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[HELP]       Problem black ops 1 PS3

Hi, I hope someone will be able to find a solution to my problems.


I explain, I recently bought COD black ops 1 on PS3 in second hand, not damaged at all. I had no problem for 1 month, and in one day, it just started to have trouble in zombie (i don't know in "classic" mod) such as:


- Sounds missings (music and characters voice)

- Longer time to load the game (riskl of crash in multiplayer zombie) and crash when I left a game.


At first, i couldn't load a multiplayer zombie game until i try with the SOLO and it loaded.

The weard thing is that i'm playing using the CD...


I think the problem started right after I bought a CD game in Britain to Belgium (the game is in several language.


Please, help me, I have no idea how to fix this...