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Quick and Simple Poll

I have 3 simple questions that it would be awesome if you guys answered. 


I would like to ask that we keep this thread to just simply answers. No need to justify your answer or comment on someone else answer. I just want your opinion.


Question 1. What is your favorite weapon? (Not your most used weapon. Not your highest KD weapon. but your favorite! you feel comfortable with it and you enjoy using it reguardless of winning or loosing or your KD.)

Question 2. What is your most used weapon? (obvious.. gun with the most kills.  if you have 2 within 10 kills list both)

Question 3. Would you like to see less Lag/ Lag Comp problems with this game? (Are you tired of the insta kills, or the 3/4 clip kills? the kills around the corner, the deaths before you see a guy? It doesnt have to happen often or even to you. But if there could be less, would you like to see it?)


Again, please keep this simple and just answer the questions.  If you dont like this thread just leave rather than wasting your own time to leave a hate comment!!


Thanks all!!



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My Resonce:


1. DSR-50

2. DSR-50

3. Yes