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  • 10. Re: EMP Overpowered?

    the emp scorestreak annoying but not overpowered, the emp grenade doesnt even phase me. only campers that like to hide behind their feminine hygeine products are really affected by it. shock charges and concussions annoy me much more, i hate that it doesnt even let u turn around and defend yourself.

  • 11. Re: EMP Overpowered?

    do you think its correct you cant call in kill streaks such as lightning strike etc?

    it seems to go on for an age


    actually there are lots of videos on this



  • 12. Re: EMP Overpowered?

    The EMP grenade is not over powered. Far from it actually.


    I have used the EMP grenade quite a bit in this game and I can tell you it is a great device but is only really effective if the enemy uses their HUD, which because I play hardcore it doesn't bother me. I can see it being annoying on core but again I think its fine.

  • 13. Re: EMP Overpowered?

    Yeah I go bowling alot so I also think the EMP grenade isn't overpowered either.


    Honestly what kind of logic is that? "In the gamemode I play nobody really relies on the thing the EMP targets so nobody really uses them. Definitely not OP".



  • 14. Re: EMP Overpowered?

    EMP overpowered?



  • 15. Re: EMP Overpowered?

    I think anything that kills me is overpowered.


    In fact, I think anytime I cannot get a kill something must be overpowered... yeah that's the ticket.


    My controller must be overpowered.


    This thread is too funny

  • 16. Re: EMP Overpowered?

    Is there a checklist somewhere that I'm not aware of, of all the things in the game, that people are going through and checking off each one off as they get complaint threads made about them?


    If so, could someone please point me to it, I'd like dibs on the Reflex Sights, just for fun! Nobody ever complains about them, and I'd enjoy the challenge!

  • 17. Re: EMP Overpowered?

         I use emp grenades pretty frequently.  The blast radius seems a bit smaller than what it was.  Dunno if it was patched or not, but it definitely feels like I have to throw them closer to sentry guns and gaurdians to scrap em.

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    THE emp  is not over powered, however the emp grenade is a little over powered, being that it take multiple kills in a row to get a sentry gun or gardian, and with one little toss of the emp grenade it gets destroyed imediately.. i think the emp grenade should be able to take out lethals like BB claymores, shock charges mms, TF, etc.. but should take 3 emps grenades to take out a score streak

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    the only complain you can have about reflex sight is that it sucks lol.


    id love a thread asking for better dots on it though.


    most you can unluck now are lame.

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