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  • 20. Re: EMP Overpowered?

    3 grenades wtf lol.


    if there is a nerf it should only be to its range lol.

    but even that is a stretch lol.

  • 21. Re: EMP Overpowered?

    It is Overpowered, The range is too much for a grenade.


    you can throw it at the middle of Highjacked and emp people in the building,underground, and people near the head glitches. In hardcore I EMP my team more than the other team due to its range.

  • 22. Re: EMP Overpowered?

    Yes, the EMP grenades are overpowered.  Thing is that very few people realize this, and the proof is in this thread.


    To get this out of the way, I use EMP grenades a lot.  Aside from the perks mentioned in the OP (removes enemy HUD, optical reticles, plus provides a minor stun & prevents calling in scorestreaks for the duration of the effects), they also earn you mad points in most games.  50 points for every piece of enemy equipment destroyed, from shock charges to claymores, and even more when you destroy an enemy scorestreak with one.  No joke, I have earned a UAV (post-patch) with one EMP grenade...that was an extreme case where the enemy had a cluster of guardians & sentry guns, but it's just insane that this is even possible.  Then when you factor in getting a 50-point EMP assist whenever someone kills a guy under the effects of your nades it becomes absolutely silly.


    Completely believable scenario: you're playing a match of HQ, and the enemy has the objective locked down when it's inside a room (for example, one of the living rooms on Nuketown 2025).  There's either a claymore or betty guarding every single entrance to the house, shock charges sprinkled liberally in and around the room, and someone has called in a guardian as well.  You respawn with two EMP grenades equipped.


    You toss the first one up against the outside wall facing the moving truck, and the radius is enough that it takes out the two claymores (or betties) placed by the front door & inside the garage, four shock charges thrown around them, and the trophy system someone tossed inside the front door to protect against nades: 350 points.  You throw the second right into the front door, destroying the claymores/betties protecting the stairway and the kitchen door, as well as their accompanying shock charges, the guardian, and a second trophy system in the kitchen: 475 more points.  You've just earned any scorestreak(s) up to & including a Sentry Gun without firing a single shot.


    That's too powerful a device.

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    i say 3 because 1 player cannot carry 3, so it would require 2 people to carry it


    why should i work to get 9 straight kills just for some player to have an emp on them to take away all that you earned

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    That's the spirit!


    Check "Reflex Sights" off the list!

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    you forget that there is no counter to a sentry gun or a guardian.


    a thropy system will stop an EMP grenade if someone is stupid enough to toss it near 1.


    also with all the betty, claymore, schock charger spamming going on , its nice there is at least 1 thing that can take it all out lol.


    The radius might get decreased but it should really be a slightly decrease.

  • 26. Re: EMP Overpowered?

    Thembones wrote:


    They nerfed the EMP before it took 1 to destroy and AGR. But now its 2

    An emp toss and c4 takes it out in an instant.



    I love the EMP.  Combo that with engineer and you can take out the sentry guns and guardians before they can do damage.  It's a lethel combination.

  • 27. Re: EMP Overpowered?

    So you assured us that you are a rusher, yet you don't carry EMP Grenades yourself? Weird... I'm a Flag Runner and one of the most important items in my loadout is an EMP Grenade to make sure I can get through the enemies defense... I'm going to agree with Adam that you are probably an upset camper who's streaks were taken out by some meanie with an EMP Grenade... I will call the Waaaahmbulance ASAP for you... LOL!!!

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    Yeah, the nades can be real annoying if they are spammed on small maps like Hijacked or Nuketown. But OP? No. I've played against teams that spammed Flash bangs and man that was just as irritating. Use Tac (or is it hard wired?) mask if it bothers you that much.

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    I think there should be two nerfs made to them:


    1. Reduce the radius, as you & others have already said.
    2. Reduce the amount of points earned for destroying non-scorestreak equipment to 25 instead of 50.  I'm okay with leaving the points for destroying guardians/sentries & the like where they are.


    Again, that's coming from someone who uses the hell out of those nades, and has been since I first discovered them a couple days after release.

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