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New PS3 clan - Beast players only!

I am starting a new elite clan and trying to round up the very best of the best on psn to represent our clan. The current name is K!NGS of COD, but name and clan tag will be finalized once we get some players to have a say of their own in the matter. Looking for players with black ops 2 stats over 2.5 kd and 450 score per minute (That is, without boosting or prestige glitch) (And yes, my stats fit that frame at 3.6 kd and 550 score per minute - no boosting, no prestige glitch). Exceptions will be made, but only in rare occasions, and if you really want to join, but have low stats please give an explanation why and I will consider letting you in.


Apply to Clan Here:


**In application please state your KD, SPM, and favorite game modes


-I generally play Ground war, 6v6 dom, KC, or tdm. If you like other game modes that is perfectly fine, just give me a heads up so i know what im working with.