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My poem for BO2 !!!!!


This is a little poem in regards to reading most of the comments on the forums etc. This is not actually my personal outlook on the game but just from reading peoples comments and posts on here. Hope you enjoy lol



We waited in anxiety,

Upon this games release,

So we could all just sit,

And play with a little peace.


It started out as fun,

But quickly became a stress,

The forums were bombarded,

Because this game is such a mess.


They cried out overpowered,

And treyarch took it in,

Now some of the guns,

Would be better in the bin.


We have our little glitchers,

Who think they run the game,

Nothing has been done,

It really is a shame.


The hit detection is awful,

And so are all the maps,

They really were designed,

For all the little spawn traps.


Its amazing with a 4 bar,

And when you throw a frag,

That on your screen in front of you,

Is a bunch of lag.


If treyarch fixed some problems,

This game would run just fine,

Lets hope and prey they do this,

And see you all online.