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'Movement' Is Black Ops or Modern Warfare?


I've been studying the way people tend to play on BO2 and I have started to get bugged by something that i tended to hate most with the MW series. The movement is far to fast to be considered BO2. Honestly, one of the things that made Black Ops so unique was the fluidity and realness of the motions. It forced those to gain more skill in hip to ADS fire. I've noticed on BO2 people always tend to strafe to the left or right and as they are strafing tend to then decide to aim, I've even come across a couple of people who just strafe do not even give aiming a try just strafe and get kills. Its seriously annoy to see that the go play Black Ops and see how that seems to be far more unique that BO2. I know people have said this time and time again but BO2 feels alot like another MW game. I could go on and on about how the sniping has become too easy like MW and crap like that, but my main focus is the movement. It would give the game a better feel to see its movement to fit just like the old Black Ops engine I knoe MW kids complain but oh well they have their own game that is unique to them what about those who loved Black Ops over MW. MW can keeps their unique feel to their games through 3 games at that so why cant the black ops series do the same. Can I get a Patch to the movement or what? Agree/Disagree feel free to post below