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The 3 bar Wonder


This situation I am about to describe happened yesterday. I have yet to play since the new hotfix. Here is a little information before I begin


Up until this point almost all the games I have played everyone is usually 4 full Green bars, with the occasional odd yellow. Once or twice a match players might go 1-2 bars for a a few seconds, and there might be one instance of a mass several second glitch. In rare cases you receive the dreaded 30 second full red bar matches where everyone is choppy and complaining. However, irregardless of this consistent mass of 4 full green bar players, the game has a noticeable lag, and plays extremely inconsistently. Whether its the same players, or new players, the wall of green does not match the experience of a lagless or near lagless game I should be expecting. I've been wondering what's exactly going on.


Well, yesterday I had one of the most extraordinary times of BLOPS 2 over two matches, where most players I believe also stayed. It occured early to mid evening. In these matches we had a CONSTANT array of full 3bar yellow players. 1-2 players might jump to green bar on occasion, and there was 1 instance of a red bar player that I saw. What was curious about this game, for all its yellow bar concotions, was just how damned GOOD and CONSISTENT it felt. Yes I will say it again.




- Players were no longer reacting to each other in GODLIKE fashion   


- There were no OHK(except from OHK weapons of course)


- When you fired at the enemy and they fired at you, you could actually see both their bullets and your own


- Players were reacting to each other with correct strafing and dodging measures, but with what seems consistent with previous CoD player reaction times(and reaction times of most FPS games in general)


- When I got in any engagement(whether sniped from a distance, shot head to head, multi-team, or flanked) I no longer felt like I died cheaply. I could even react without suddenly seeing Red and instant death. I felt like I could react and when I reacted well enough, came out victorious.


- When I noticed others getting into engagements...the battled seemed normal and more even. Players didnt simply run and get hit by a wall of bullets before dying. It looked like both players were reacting to each other correctly.


- Grenades didnt seem inescapable. You could actually run from them even if they were thrown in front of your path. Unlike in normal games where even an unheld Frag seems to follow you 100 feet and around corners and kill you in a full green bar lobby.


Finally and most importantly....THEATER MODE ACTUALLY SEEMED correct. I use the word seemed, because its hard to determine exactly how correct something that merely approximates what happens is correct. However based on enemy position, my position, and our respective reactions, It seemed like theater matched every experience almost 100% to the dot. Even singular bullets and exact position of both players down to the inch seemed relatively accurate.


So heres the question...what gives?


Why is a full 3 bar yellow lobby PERFECT...while my almost pure full 4 bar green lobby seemingly laggy as all hell? Why do not only I, but players on my team(or when the enemy team is having problems, on their team), seem to not even react or notice enemies in a supposedly near perfect lobby, yet when a lobby is supposedly not working satisfactory, everything seems like the experience couldn't get anymore flawless?


After having played those two games early on in the night...I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed that those 3bar games didn't continue. Simply throttling a connection would not help. Games with 1-2 players or even self at a lower bar for a part of a game doesn't help the lag. Only in this specific instance of a pure 3bar yellow lobby, did the game feel perfect.


Something with lag...or the smoothing code...or something else, is clearly not working correctly for Green bar latency. Green bar lobbies should not feel sluggish, while 3bar yellow lobbies feel perfect.


The saddest moment of all, is the realization that I probably won't get another pure 3 bar lobby. It is the first almost pure 3bar yellow lobby I have ever had...and it felt awesome. I expect the green bar Purity...and green bar with the occasional yellow bar and rare red to continue.

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    Im completely opposite, if it is a 3 bar lobby it is probably gonna be a laggy game. When everyone is 4 bars it runs great.

    I read the hotfix probably has nothing to do with connection but ever since the hotfix last night about 70% of my games are now a 3 bar.

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      This seems strange as well. I've noticed ever since lag talks started you have some players sporting yellow lobbies who get good games the rare times they get green lobbies, and another large group of players like me, who get lag/lag comp games at green lobbies, but great lobbies at yellow bar.


      I wish we knew exactly what their system is using for matchmaking and smoothing that causes such inconsistencies.

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    I may be wrong, and usually am, but I believe the "green bars" limit was extended at an earlier time to give the illusion of good connections.


    What you experienced is the rare lobby with players of equal connections matched so that lag and lag compensation cancels out.  In other words, you were probably all equal "effective" distance from the host and therefore nobody held an advantage over anyone else.


    In a perfect matchmaking system, with perfect subjects to match up, this would be the result.

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      I don't know when the hotfix went into effect, but last night I had some of the worst lag comped lobbies since the game was released.

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      I've noticed how quickly lobbies filled. I remember back in the first BLOPS it took around 5-10seconds for a quick search and 30seconds to 1minute for a slow search. Beyond happened rarely.


      In this game it seems like it takes maybe 1-2 seconds of searching before it throws you into a lobby.

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      You bring up a good point. I said before that I felt like the four green bars was being given too easily to make people believe they have a good connection. The bars should be replaced with a percent to show you how your connection really relates to the other players. At least then you could see that you are being shafted because of your connection.


      Also I wonder if this is the reason why the matchmaking is so bad. If the connection limits are too large, then the range of pings in a match may be spread out too much causing greater compensation by the lag comp system.

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    my connection is the nuts, if the host quits it's always me that gets stuck with it and I go from a 2.0 game kd to even in about 30 seconds flat.

    if they wont/can't set up dedicated servers they should at least give the players the option to do so, at least then my xbox connection wouldn't get ganked