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All I do is spin in circles

So I started Call of duty MW3 back up today after not playing for a couple months on PC. I get into a match and as soon as I press W to move forward my character just goes crazy spinning in circles. I can stop him by slowly moving the mouse in the opposite direction but as soon as I move the mouse to look in any direction it just starts spinning off in that direction. This happens in MP, SP, Spec Ops, doesn't matter. And this is the ONLY game it happens in. I have re-installed that game, even reset the settings, I have no clue why it all of a sudden starts doing this. I have tried different mice and closed any programs running in the background. I am running this on Windows 8, but again this is the first time this has happened and a little upset that I forked out money for a game that I can’t even play. If anyone with actual intelligence has experienced this and fixed it please let me know I know how to work a computer so whatever your solution is I am sure I can do it, maybe there's something I'm just not thinking of.