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Where is your nearest server located?

So someone suggested running the resources monito while in game and finding the "servers" IP address. I carried this out and then found the location of that server.


Now I'm based just outside London in the UK...


My results are shown below. (and im set to BEST incase anyone suggests it..) (this was posted beofre but seems to have gone missing...)


Anyway I would be interested to see what everyone else gets and where your located...maybe we could start locating these servers as pcdev and pcdev_assist refuse to answer the location questions...

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    every single time i look it up, i connect to new jersey, and my gaming expiernce and results are on par with that

    thank god i'm only living in belgium, we europeans don't need a server, we'll just be the ones always lagging and getting killed.



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    You both probably know this already but you can define your server search preferences when you go into multiplayer, instead of having it on Normal change it to Best and then do your ip server search., just a quick FYI.

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      i have it at best, since the start

      setting it to normal did not change it

      several games in a row, always leaving and getting a new game has resulted in me connecting to new jersey

      granted, i have not traced all my games, but when i do, it's always the same, i haven't encountered a single other server.

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        Yeah same ..on Best and theres still people with yello bars (although soemone said once that it needs everyone on the server set to best to avoid that..)


        Only done a trace three times now and its always in America.


        Ive asked PCdev and pcdev_assist multiple times if theres a server in the UK Yes or No...and there answer is always "there are servers worldwide".....so that would be a no then.


        If more people could show there traces here we could start to build a picture of where the servers are...

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    Btw just a headsup about how these servers work. A lot of people assume its one giant computer somewhere or serveral computers etc.


    The servers is provided by random data center companies, they set up multiple powerfull computers with Virtual machines loaded on them.

    This means that for example if you had a 8 core cpu and 64gb ram they would sell you "cores" and "ram" in chunks. Something like a COD server does not require lots of cores so you could sell off 7 cores and probably something like 2-3gb ram per core as a seperate virtual server.


    So one computer would run 7 server instances. There would be many of these computers per data center and everyone would thus show traces to run to the same cities.


    I wish we could spread more awareness about how PC players are getting shafted by the fact that there is only a handfull of datacenters worldwide being used at the moment. And players from europe connecting to the US for example is just plain ridiculous.


    I guess they thought they could use lag comp to smooth things out and save money on renting servers in more locations.


    I find it just amazing that after mw2 and mw3 that both turned out to be 100% hacker festivals with poor network performance to boot no one has yet tried to set activision's HQ on fire or something!

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      nice thx.


      If more people do a trace then we can put a picture together of where these servers are.

      Currently it looks like there only in New Jersey, USA but that cant be right...there must be more..?


      Also isnt there a way that we could run a test on the ping "bars" to get there exact values as the devs refuse to answer that question too..