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Is the Wii U worth it?

Some of you might remember me from the MW3 days. I still play that awesome game, and I finally started to record some wiimote sniping clips. But now I feel that it's time to move on from MW3 and get Black Ops 2. I'm not sure if I should get a Wii U or a PS3. What do you guys think? And do you think the Wii U will get third party support when the new Xbox and PS come out?

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    depends. on alot.


    PS3 has alot more games atm. but will drop developer support in ruffly 2 years for PS4.


    wiiU lacks games and is currently comparitivly lacking 3rd party support. it is unknown how much it will suppport later,  almsot garnteed to  support more than wii do to nintendo pushhing  and similar archatecture than other next gen(easy to port iisntead of remake the game for wii). 3rd party support will rely on # of wiiU sold, power of consul, and diffuculty to port, so it should hold off alot better than wii. did fine fanboys complaining that rumorss  specs dont devistate wiiU =)


    if your going to get both get wiiU, then PS4. PS3 will help you catch up on the last gen if you dont have a xbox.

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    You should wait until March-April to see if BO2 Wii U is still receiving support. If not you're better off with another console.

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    I dunno. The Wii U is great so far, but a big turn-off is the lack of third party support. Dont expect big labels to be on the Wii U anytime soon. But, this weakness is downplayed by Nintendo's quality first party games. Wind Waker HD, Zelda 2014, Pikmin 3, Super Smash Bros U, Retro's project (Metroid im sure, looking forward to that ) and many others will pique your interest in this console. But, with games we got now, like Black Ops 2, are good enough to hold you until the other great games come out. It's all about patience for the most part.  It's kinda a double edged sword. 

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    Honestly, if you want just Call of Duty, you might as well go with the Xbox 360, especially if you plan on using duel analog sticks. On the PS3 versions, they are usually a bit buggier in terms of framerate and lag compared to the 360's version. You might find this funny, but IMO, the Wii version of Black Ops has better hit detection than the PS3 version. Pre Black Ops games on PS3 are alright though (except WaW and its be booted from a lobby for not having map packs issue). And to make note, i do own a PS3 with all CoDs (except Black Ops 2), which is kind of why i can say some of this stuff about the PS3 version of the CoD games.


    You can also wait for Microsoft's next gen console though.




    If you want motion controls, then go with the Wii U. PlayStation Move will likely never be used in development for a Call of Duty game. If it is, then it would be Treyarch working on it or aiding in most development of implementing it. Infinity Ward doesn't do 'Wii stuff' >_>



    I wouldn't buy a console solely for CoD though. Both the PS3 and 360 have large libraries and the Wii U's library will continue to grow as time goes on. SInce this is a Wii U board, i'll say it: If you find several games and or upcoming games that you want that are on the Wii U, then get the Wii U

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    Lets put it this way....

    black ops 2 on wii u is like jailbait or marriage



    At first you will think its a good idea

    Then you decide to go for it.

    But as soon as you have emptied you clip you going to realised  you made a mistake.



    4 miserable years getting lied to ect ect.

    then along comes a new one with promises about all the things she is going to do to you that the other one would not do.

    so you decide to take the the plunge.

    Only to get bent over and ...........................

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    Hell yeah. Great system. I honestly haven't touched my 360 or PS3 since I got my Wii U.


    As for playing Black Ops 2 on it, then only downside I see is the smaller community. But it hasn't been an issue for anyone really, you still find matches pretty quickly and that's all that really matters in the end. The game performs well, looks great, and the Gamepad support puts it above any other version IMO.


    As for third party support, I expect the Wii U won't be much different from past Nintendo consoles, althought they've been off to a pretty great start (launch line-up is crazy good), so I really can't say. Their latest Nintendo Direct was very impressive, they showed off some awesome new games. If you want to know more about their future plans, you might need to wait until E3.


    But even if you didn't wait until then, it's an awesome system with some very impressive features and a great outlook, moreso than any recent Nintendo console IMO. They really did a great job this time around.