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Black Ops 2 Prestige Glitch

Hello, about one or two weeks ago i came here stating that the system said i was deranked but not really it just reset/relocked some of my tokens and my 1 permanent unlock, i was pretty mad i cooled down and i said "Hey, I'll just prestige again". No, that wasn't the case, i prestige'd this morning after getting to level 7 in a match i decided to see my Awards again. (The glitch also locked my other 1 award) And again they were locked without me using it. I'm pretty frustrated right now, I'm hating Black Ops 2 right now. I reported my last glitch to some Mod i was reading about. I'm not going to again, since someone said it could take up to 2, 3, 4 weeks. Please Help me. ._. I hate you, system.

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    Good luck. I have the same issue. Chatted with the useless individual in support who was unable to anwser the simplest question, said he was going to "send it up" but it still isnt even listed. Was told to contact someone called cutpurse who hasnt anwsered anything. The players I have talked to who have had this issue say they havent had it fixed. One guy had even been waiting since December for a reply. Honestly I havent found 1 person that has said they have even gotten a reply about the problem. It has made me realize that BO2 is a sub par half assed game thats full of issues that no one is addressing. And that their support is very amateur hour and inefective.