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I think movement speed is the key


And heres why:


Most insta deaths I have been experiencing are when approaching blind corners. From my perspective I will just see an enemy crossing in front of me and perhaps I get a few shots most of the time I dont even get that. At some times the enemy does not even appear to fire his weapon or I dont even get a second of red screen just instant blackness. Even more peculiar is while ADS with a rocket launcher as I see the enemy round the corner I shoot off an RPG which even is he manages to kill me he should die as well from the splash damage (HCTDM). Instead the rocket just disappears like it was never shot which is true because according to the host the enemy saw and shot me before I even saw him and pulled the trigger.


Another clue is how many times you shoot a player using lightweight running from you in the back only to have him turn and kill like he was never hit. This is why the SMGs with high ROF are dominating the game. The only way to overcome the movement delays is to spray as many bullets towards an enemy as possible in the shortest period of time maximizing you chances of getting a kill.  Additionally the best way to keep from getting killed is to be moving at the highest rate of speed possible. This causes what we refer to as hitmarker syndrome in HC game modes where you get an excessive amount of markers on one player based on the weapon type being used.


Honestly, I think if they could reduce the movement speed in increments through hotfixes we would see a gradual decrease in lag issues. Start by setting lightweight with a knife as 100% movement speed and move backwards from there. Keep moving back till player position is better synchronized with what is visually displayed.


Finally until the latency issues are worked out it would be great if split screening could be cut from online gameplay. Im pretty sure most would agree that splitscreening only magnifies the issues.

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    This is very true.


    CoD is still the only game running at 60Fps. Play a game like BF3 or Homeland or pretty much any other FPS and you can feel how sluggish they are.


    While there are definitely connection issues in this game, I think people lag comp when in fact its just the speed of the game. Things move so quickly in this game its difficult to process. To me, that is more of the issue with SMGs than the power of those weapons. SMG users move faster, when paired with Lightweight even faster. I tend to see them glide or fly around corners, which gives them the momentary advantage. Pair that with the clip size and RoF... its tough to beat that.


    Its a sticky situation. I love the fluidity of CoD, but at the same time it seems that the visuals can't keep up with the speed of the game. Something will have to give at some point, hoping perhaps the new gen of consoles will help resolve some of these issues.


    Also, I agree on Split-Screening. It has ALWAYS caused lag issues in lobbies since its inception. Play offline with your buddy, no need to ruin the experience for us. Also would like to see Theater, COD-Casting, LiveStreaming, Elite, and the rest go away. Cool tools but they are definitely effecting the overall gameplay, which should be the focus.

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    Do you think that lag/lag comp can affect the speed at which your soldier moves on your own screen?  I often wonder what causes me to feel like I have cinder block boots on for a few matches in one lobby and then I'm the human flash in another lobby.

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      Lag comp should not manifest itself in how you move in game. Although I have also experienced lobbies that I seem to move faster than others eventhough Im using the same class so it may be related to the issue.


      I dont think a nex gen console will fix this. It may just be that we have hit a wall in how much latency a game can deal with as compared to the speed in which a player moves. The round trip of information exchange on the internet is not always a superhighwayand sometimes its more like stop and go.


      The worse part about all this is it becomes harder and harder to feel good about a winning game that you do well in. Questions surface like: Was it skill or was the connection on my side? The answer usually presents itself either by a new host being chosen during intemission or after one of the many host migrations finally turns the game to the other guys favor.


      Until they can resolve this problem the only recourse is to back out of any lobby I feel the lag is working against me.

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    This is how I always viewed SMGs and why i feel they're OP.  I just never could say it as eloquently as the TC did.  Great job.  I %100 agree.   Just look at BO1.  Much slower and much less lag.

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      Funny thing is BO1 also had a similar issue with its lightweight/extreme conditioning combo it just wasnt as pronounced as it is in this game. You would think that after the MW2 care package glitch that both developers would have realized that increasing movement speed to much would have a direct effect on playability.


      I think the biggest letdown of BO2 is we were all hoping for a new BO1 type game leaving behind the latency issues of MW3.