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G-zero looking for new members.


hello there.


G-zero is now looking for new members. we are a clan that's competing in almost every single clan ops there is coming to black ops 2. we are at this moment a lvl 13 clan. and we are doing what we can to be the best.


so if you want to be in a clan that's going for the number 1 spot, then keep reading.



what we want you to do.


-be active

-min lvl... what we have no lvl recruitment...

K/D... well we dont care


all we realy want from you is that you are active in clan ops

well if you want to be a member of G-Zero then just leave a coment and we will invite you on elite, to be a member of our clan


I hope it sounds interesting and fun. and i hope to see you later.



and if you wanna know more, then just let me know.




ps we have 17 members