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Banned for quitting gameplay?

I constantly get thrown into team deathmatch games where the team I get assigned to is already at a 20 kill dissadvantage. After a little play I see I have a tremendously poor connection. If I decide to quit the game because it is pointless to just rack up another loss on my profile I now get threatened by Activision to be banned for quitting the game befor it is over. WTF??

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    happens to me to join a games always on the loseing side or where whole team is spawn trapped so i rage quit but never been threaten with a bann thats kinda crazy

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      i have been put in twenty matches straight where i was on losing side already snd spawn trapped. dropped out of all twenty. it does mess with your win loss ratio and i did see the message once about being banned but i still drop out of probably 15-20 matches a day and havent been banned. if the game cant start me at beginning of match screw them i will quit the match