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Why DLC is the spawn of evil


Oh my god another DLC thread? Oh my god, ANOTHER ONE?!?! This is starting to look like the BO forums.


Now let me give you a big cup of reality.


People seem to have this idea that the day we get DLC we shall reach nirvana and inner peace and all forms of BS. People think with DLC, all our problems will be over and the game will be enjoyable and we can all hold hands and sing kumbaya.


Now I created a story, the story of WHAT IF......


It is February 28th, 2013. All around the world, little jimmies and Old man Dave are awaiting the DLC package to drop on the eshop. FINALLY THE TIME COMES AND.....what? $15? Okay, I guess I'll pay.....let's a-go! So Little Jimmy goes in, buys the DLC and logs in to Black Ops 2. Not many people seem to be playing Little Jimmy's favorite game mode, so he'll have to settle for TDM. He goes in and ....these maps suck. He hates the map. The peacekeeper is trash. His blood starts to boil and little jimmy throws his gamepad across the room, hitting his cat...Not only that, but serious glitches have begun to pop up. The forums are raging. Everyone's mad. "I PAID $15 FOR THESE MEDIOCRE MAPS?". People who live outside the US can't find any lobbies. DLC is useless to them. They can barely connect to normal matches, so forget about DLC. People are mad. Raging. We still get no word from A_Trey_U. Where is he? He comes in and says a patch is in the way. When the patch does come out, it fixes some things....but there's still glitches around. People rage. Complain. The R870 Op, nerf it so all the shotguns are useless. Whine. Whine. Whine. DA has too much aim assist, I blame my death on something that's f*cking stupid and not really related to my death at all. Whine whine. Wiimote is OP. Whine whine. Nothing is done.....A_trey_u has done all he can.....People have more trouble finding matches. Why? Because the system segregates. People who bought the DLC can only play with other people who bought the DLC, even in normal playlists. Now add in four map packs to that, and basically we have been segregated into various small groups. Matchmaking turns to crap.....even american BO2 wii u gamers keep getting constant 1 bars because the only person who they can play with lives in zimbabwe. The game is slowly dying........Its all treyarchs fault...........no.....its all nintendos fault.......but maybe....just maybe......it was our own fault?



P.S. I like the game...the last patch has achieved near perfection when it comes to weapon balancing. Once the lag is fixed....its going to be glorious. Heck, its pretty fun right now, even with all these glitches. I'm pretty happy about the wiimote FINALLY being fixed. People seem to get the wrong idea, I don't dislike the game, I love it! I hate the DLC whiners, not the game.