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UpRising_Elites are recruiting for Black Ops 2 (Xbox360) Competitive players wanted!!! WE PLAY TO WIN, and have fun!! However Winning and getting sponsored is our GOAL!

Hello Black Ops 2 players,

     Well I wanted to post here for a while, however was way too busy with work/college and social life, anywho lets get to business!!

     I am recruiting people for UpRising_Elites, the requirements are not too extreme, tryouts are manditory however.

     (Xbox 360 - Gamer tag - DawnArc)

     Rules... READ ALONG

1. 16+, yeah I've seen teenagers playing this game, and they are annoying, not all but plenty sure do come into a game to ruin a gaming experiance.

2. Must message me with your kd, here, on my clan page or message me in game.  (I will reply pretty frequently)

3. Must be social, talktitive/supportive (No one likes an ass, I want people who would encourage people to join and/or give people a better playing experiance).

4. If you can cooperate with the ABOVE rules, you're most likey in, however I dont have a K/D minumum since you may have a sibling playing, had off days or just don't care for your K/D,  this is where try outs will help me determine if you're worthy of joining.


- You must have a mic.

- You have to be able to take directions.

- You must communicate.

- You must have at least a 1.10 K/D. (I make exceptions)

- 15 or more hours played. (I make exceptions)


Goodluck guys,  I am looking forward seeing you in game  ~DawnArc


Post applications here https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/5759370