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  • 60. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters
    Cowboy Torry

    There is nothing you can do against ragequitting, because it all has to do with people's attitude


    Ragequitters (which in my book is different from LAG quitters, which is understandable), believe the world owns them everthings.  They can't stand the thought of loosing, they can't stand that they have to work to obtain something, they can't stand the idea that somebody might be better then them.


    I personally believe that your online behaviour is a direct reflection of your real life behaviour.  If you ragequit in this game, what will make you endure real life where nothing is fair and easy.


    "Don't think the world owns you anything, it was here before you"

  • 61. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

    The most fun matches are the close ones i agree, especially in Domination.

  • 62. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

    I personally have never been spawn trapped and if a team has tried it then i broke through it within seconds, no team has ever successfully spawn trapped me. Smoke with Shotgun and you ready to break it, it sad when some people ragequit because they can not think that far.

  • 63. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

    jw415gvr wrote:


    As a forever alone random, I agree.


    Here are my keys to whether to stay or exit game:


    1. Look at the Lobby Leaderboard During the Lobby Countdown
      1. If I'm on the bottom, immediately leave.  This match will be very frustrating and I'll wind up exiting the game after going 0-10 anyway...
      2. If I'm in the #1 or 2 slot, by all means stay.  I'm a below average player so if this is a lobby of people worse than me, I'm staying and will run around like an idiot.  (Actually if I am in the #1 slot, I figure that there must be something wrong with everyone else's calculations ).
      3. If I'm in the middle (which is usual), I'll look at the spread between myself and the lobby leaders.  I'll almost always stay unless the top couple people have 2-3 times my SPM and a heck of a lot of kills in that game mode.
    2. Look at the Score Ranking from the Previous Match
      1. Do the top 3 or 4 show that they are in a party with the same clan tag?  If so, then I wait until the final countdown to see if I've been assigned to their team for this match.  If not, I'm leaving for the same reason as 1.1 above.
    3. When Added to a Game Already in Progress
      1. Check out the score BEFORE selecting a class.  The BACK button is your friend.  If you join a Domination match on a team losing 0 - 170 you're going to have a bad time.  Just don't select a class and have the server time you out.  Get a drink, walk the dog, whatever...
      2. If I join a fairly close game and there are dogs, a swarm, or I'm killed 5 times within my first 30 seconds of gameplay then I'm leaving.  Not fun, even if the killstreaks are from a care package.
      3. I don't automatically press the button to respawn as soon as I'm killed.  I've been killed too many times by what feels like the same lightning strike, carpet bomb, AC-130 shell because I was too intent on getting right back into the action.  Watch that killcam in core mode.  You can learn how you died, where the enemy was, and can then adjust your class to take out the enemy player.
      4. If the other team are 360 quickscoping then I'll stay.  After all, their bedtime is probably in a few minutes anyway...


    The bottom line is that you have to play smart.  Especially when you don't have the natural talent and are being outclassed by much better players.

    2.1. Thats true, partys are very dominant in this game. In previous CoDs i could take out a whole clan but in this game its not that easy anymore because your team mates will give them free scorestreaks, its always this way. You are the best of your team while all your random team mates go negative.


    3.1. Thats what i do, and many people too. I see no point of playing a losing game but i don't timeout, i leave the match (i don't care about my W/L ratio, its already bad enough). I lobby surf till i find a match that isn't in progress. I hate join in progress matches.


    3.2. No one likes being put in this kind of matches.

  • 64. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

    Yes, many people are simply scared to play vs competition (number of players in League proofs it). It seems that a lot of the CoD players today want nothing but pubstomp, which takes no skill to beat a team that isn't that good.

  • 65. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

    You have some good points. I think people quit because of the lag. Could you have fun playing this game and for the most part be 1 second behind the enemy in almost every game? If you like being killed that is the only way you could have fun with it. And who loves to lose gun fights when you see yourself shooting the enemy 1st just to be put down. The kill cam shows the enemy shooting you 1st. It is a very unfair disadvantage to be a second behind the enemy in a game where gun fights come down to the second. I don't blame people for quitting if its because they are 1 second behind the enemy. The same thing happend in Black ops 1.This is a problem on XBox and PS3. I don't know about the WII U. This is the biggest problem and needs to be fixed 1st.

  • 66. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

    Lag isn't the problem? Lag is always a problem. In a game where gun fights come down to the second you can't  have players ahead of others by a second or two. The player behind has little to no hope of winning that gun fight and that is a FACT. Put me head to head with yourself and let me see you 2 second before you see me. You will be put down before you can react. This is why you hear people saying I got killed by 1 bullet because the enemy already pumped them full of bullets and the last one was all they had time to see. Untill the kill cam shows them that the other player has a time advantage. Lets be real the way this game lags it is the biggest problem. There is no way eney player can say that being a second behind is not a problem. And the way its set up now the host gets raped with baby powder.

  • 67. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

    The lag is the reason this game is so bad and put that together with the way most of the community play's on this game doing anything just to get that precious kill by either camping, head glitching and abusing OP weapons then its pointless staying on this game for more than 1 match. In my opinion the devs messed this game up and like i said most of people that play this game ruined it aswell because people care about stats too much, games are supposed to be fun but people feel the need to ruin it for others i am done buying another call of duty and i gave this game a chance but it needs to be sold now.

  • 68. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

    1 second behind getting no hit markers = rage quit. Not going to pad someones stats because Treyarch refuses to repair faulty netcode and artificial lag.

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    I see more rage quit when it comes to League play. Plus L.P sucks if you dont ahve a team.

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