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Need a Clan? Join LON-DONS Xbox 360 Black OPS 2

This is a clan was started about 2-3days after chrismas 2012. It was primarily started to gain the privellage of getting GOLD CLAN TAGS. Now we are level 7 and you need to be level 10 in order enable gold. Through leveling up we realised that its not only about the clan tags, its more about winning, having fun and dominating the opposition in a fearless team.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Flg-2itmajA


So now this clan of 6 players is trying to expand. Our 2 highest levels are10th prestige and 9th prestige with 3 sets of diamond guns. So its not some noob clan. We are willing to help lower prestiges and to give advice if you feel all guns are failing.


Come and join the clan + we need a Emblem for both in game and on Cod Elite, So emblem designers apply too. There arent many requirements just read below to know what you need to have inorder to apply. My GT is MrSamuelVI so Message Me for any questions..



  • KD Ratio Over 1.00
  • A Mic
  • Active Player ( atleast 1hour aday)
  • Calm and Friendly
  • Co-operative
  • To be able to use one of these score streak setups
    1. Steath Chopper, Warthog, VTOL or Loadstar
    2. UAV, Counter UAV, Oribital VSAT
    3. UAV, Guardian, Sentrygun