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Local De-Ranking


From what I have seen and experienced, the local feature on black ops 2 is corrupting the multiplayer save data. Are you kidding me? How can you ruin my game even more? Pease help me by fixing my stats, and by patching the glitch. PLEASE RESPOND OR I WILL HAVE TO WAIT 2 MORE HOURS ON THE PHONE.

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    Same here!

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    Had the same issue... AND IM F**KING MAD!!!!


    When I entered MP it said "Your stats have been reset" even though I had done nothing to deserve it.


    Here are my problems:

    - My classes got reset (from 7 to 5)

    - No unlock tokens

    - Refunded perm. unlock tokens

    - No Combat Knife camo (was gold)

    - No kills for sights/attachments

    - Messed up classes in League Play (Get a "Error IU 3000" code everytime I try to edit the specific 2/5 classes)


    I am really disapointed in the quality of COD games. They have gotten worse since COD4 and BO...

    Why can't we have the golden years when glitches were minor and the games were perfect prior to release?!?!


      I really hope that IW and Treyarch can get their act together before I quit COD all together and refuse to buy DLC after BO2.



    I would really appreciate having my prestige tokens refunded, and a compensation of some sort to account for the time and xp lost.

    I don't want to be harsh but it's just frustrating when problems such as this occur...

    - SKP PRO