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So, I get on black ops 2 after playing modern warfare 3. So  I try to join a game, but then it sent me back to the multiplayer main menu. So like always, I just shrug and try to keep joining a game. But then a message pops up, I get demoted 7 freaking ranks... That's not what I'm upset about, I'm upset at the fact that my M1216 shotgun got ALL of the camos taken away. And I had diamond  camo! Also,my chicom cqb had its camos removed.. And sure enough i had diamond smgs. I had spent hours on my blood thirsties with my M1216. I just got it diamond yesterday! Along with the cqb I got diamond merely hours ago! This isn't the first time either. If someone could explain to me why this happened. That would be great but as of right now, battlefield, here I come.