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CoD World at war mappacks


i i am very entteuscht of you, I was with friends I play CoD World at me and wanted to get the map packs strore from the PS3 and there I could not find it, please make it again is purely very dear to me and not only me, or are the new games more important for you, I was always peace else with your stuff so do what you please, the back can also play fernüpftig.


  • Re: CoD World at war mappacks

    The map packs are still available:-


    - Open The PlayStation Store

    - Games

    - Collections

    - Call of Duty

    - Call of Duty: World at War (Disc Only)

    - Add-ons


    At the moment you can purchase them at £7.99 each or all three map packs for £19.99


    Hope this helps.