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    I am with you on this.  Sometimes no amount of "slowing down" helps. I will leave those games as well.  But really, they are few and far between (especially with the latest patch with prefs set to best)


    But then, the freezng has gotten worse (as frequency). I have had to leave a couple of games because the damn game froze lol.


    Good for you for being a stand up person

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    I was possibly being kind to the stat protectors in my post.


    I very rarely quit a game, i will normally try and tough it out until the end and then look for another lobby, in saying that, i don't suffer from consistant lag issues and could care less about my stats so i guess i would fall into the "other reason" group..


    I have lost count of the amount of games that i have ended up on the losing side, despite having played reasonably well and gone postive with regards to K/D only to find when the score screen comes up after a game that started 6v6 TDM is now 6v2 with only me and one other guy left on my team..


    Personally i think the only way to solve the problem and i will probably get a lot of hate for this is to remove the option to leave a game in progress once a certain percentage of time in that game has elapsed

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    Even with all the freezing I have been experiencing as of late (accopanied by the occasional rage quit*), I still have never (yes NEVER) been put on probation.


    * I will rage quit if I join a random game a spawn into a scorestreak for an insta-death more than twice

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    I think that the leaving creates connection issues which is why I'll try and ride out a game even if I feel like I'm a little behind.  If the lobby every stabilizes, I generally can do quite well.  But when I'm getting killed by guys that have yet to even pop on my screen nonstop then I know that I have been put in a match that I really shouldn't have been put in.  So I'll leave that match but others have said, those matches don't happen all of the time.  They might happen once or twice in a 4 or 5 hour gaming session but that's it.  I have never been put on probation for it or even gotten a probation warning which tells me that the probation system already takes into account that the game is not perfect and there will be some legitimate times where people are going to need to back out of a game.  Personally, I like that they are cracking down on the habitual game leavers.

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    Lol, yeah the game can't solve personal problems but everyone has them, this is a fighting game, people will rage, quit, break controllers(my personal vice, although this game has helped me stop that as it would cost me way too much).


    There are 12 people in most matches. The amount of time each one of these has played already can vary hugely, take into account then that some of them might have been dropped into this round if it started with less than 12. Add to this that some of the originals might not like the map but start anyway. Then there are going to be a couple of people who will get angry/annoyed, not like losing. My point is someone is always going to quit the round, probably more than one if there are no clans present. Probation won't solve this problem. It will happen anyway, Treyarch need to incentivise people to NOT quit, instead of punishing them for quitting.


    I'm in a simile form today so one more, probation = car with faulty engine and manufacturers solution is to prevent people taking off their seatbelt to get out of the car.

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    Why doesnt anyone mention the players who leave games to join friends who have sent them invites?


    How many times has a friend sent you a game invite and you leave that one game to join them? Is this not an issue as well?

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         Yeah, I've left games for this reason.  Never thought much about it, to be honest.  It's not rage quitting, but the result is the same.

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    phxs72 wrote:


    I think that the leaving creates connection issues which is why I'll try and ride out a game even if I feel like I'm a little behind. 

    Personally, I like that they are cracking down on the habitual game leavers.

    I think so as well.

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    well I have never had a probation, and i feel like i leave a pretty good amount of games.. normally i leave if im spectating and see that my team is terrible, and losing, i wont bother.. or if it drops me in drone.. i will never play dron.. i hate the map.. or if i get put i int he game and i see 2 people on the team getting whooped, im spectating anyway but i leave, seems like too big of a hassel that i dont want to deal with


    so for the people who have got the probation prob deserve it, because i feel like im in and out of games alot

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    i make them wait till im done.

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