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    Err0r_6_ wrote:


    well I have never had a probation, and i feel like i leave a pretty good amount of games.. normally i leave if im spectating and see that my team is terrible, and losing, i wont bother.. or if it drops me in drone.. i will never play dron.. i hate the map.. or if i get put i int he game and i see 2 people on the team getting whooped, im spectating anyway but i leave, seems like too big of a hassel that i dont want to deal with


    so for the people who have got the probation prob deserve it, because i feel like im in and out of games alot



    I also go into "spectator" mode when I do not want to play a map or the team is losing. Going spectator people does not count as a loss.

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    GRIZZ11283 wrote:


    i make them wait till im done.

    Me too.

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    In my clan, our rule is if you send an invite to someone who is mid-game, you should expect to wait until they finish their game to join.


    Nothing worse than one of my friends spamming me with invites when I'm playing!

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    yeah ive always made them wait

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    I rarely leave a game that I'm in to accept an invite.  I'll look for the person that invited me after the match but I just don't leave.  I don't like wasting a good lobby for the unkown.

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    All this leaving early and host migration only really became a big issue from Black Ops 1 onwards.  It has got progressively worse, to the extent now where I fail to recognise most of the players names at the end of a match - they weren't there at the start! 


    In order to fully understand the problem and identify a solution you need to understand the route cause.  As someone said above, this is possibly due in part to the visibility of stats, but also the matchmaking, lag, and lag compensation has been much worse since BO1.  I can't say for certain these are the causes, I dont suppose anyone can, but I assume they are the more significant causes.  The solutions are obvious - take away the stats, and improve matchmaking (sounds familiar).  Neither of those are going to happen!


    Of course that is making it all very simplistic.  There are actually many different reasons people quit. I quit a match yesterday because my phone rang and nobody else was in the house!  Doesn't happen very often to me but I'm sure it happens to a lot of people; 600,000 people online must surely be a lot of them having their phones ring whilst playing.  I hear on the mic a lot of kids saying to their mates "shall we leave?" all the time - they probably don't give the consequences a second thought.  Then you have YouTubers looking for that elusive clip, when they realise the match and competition isn't going to provide it, the quit.


    For me probation fails.  I have never received it, or even a warning, but if I do, I will think so what?  Go to the toilet, make a coffee, probation over, back to business.  If probation is to work it needs to be done on a progressively harsher scale, i.e. quit 3 times in 20 minutes you get a five minute ban, do it again you get 10 minutes and so on.  Give some thought to different types of punishments, such as a 5 level drop or even a prestige demotion.  Dont take those examples too seriously they are just the kind of things that could be considered.


    I could probably ramble on about this all day so I will leave it there.  Suffice to say the probation system we currently have doesn't work and only manages to enrage players.

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    The easiest way to resolve the lag issue is

    #1 Release a beta and take the feedback from it to improve certain things.

    #2 (Strongly suggest this) Take your time and release a quality product that runs well and will keep the fans around.

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    I rage quit all the time. Always have, always will. I have yet to be put on probation for it. Just curious, is there anywhere that says I CAN'T rage quit?


    I just think it's funny Treyarch has done this. Great deflection from the Prestige Master glitch. You get a five mintue ban for quitting games, but if you glitch the game, which is a complete violation of the rules, you get nothing.

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    This is the way I see it.  This game has so many problems and so many issues and all they are worried about is putting people on probation for leaving a match early???  Not only that, but half of the time you are involuntary booted from a match due to host migration or freezing.  Let's work on the real issues, like lagging, freezing, ETC.  we know the problems.  Why don't you take some time to dig through all the hacked master prestiges, I mean really I think this is one thing they can set aside to work on real problems.  They just can't seem to get this game together...4 months later...

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    Izjar11 wrote:


    phxs72 wrote:


    I think that the leaving creates connection issues which is why I'll try and ride out a game even if I feel like I'm a little behind. 

    Personally, I like that they are cracking down on the habitual game leavers.

    I think so as well.

    Agreed +1

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