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    it was a joke lol iam too lol

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    overall i think the concept of probation is a good thing........i have got 3 since they implemented the bans...1 i deserved the other two i would dispute if it was something worth disputing


    instead of Putting on probation for leaving a game.......why not just simply remove the option of leaving a game ....take away the option and the only options left would be to quit the game or turn off the system from the XMB

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    I truly believe that players are put into probation for various reasons (all based on the individuals decisions) with that said I have a general question to this community:


    If Probation in Ghost is more severe in terms of length of time, do you think that will have the following effects on current players who consistently get it:


    1- They will not purchase GHOST.


    2- Stop getting put on probation.


    Personally I am tired of people quitting, I have grown tired of reading how they blame the game for something they clearly are doing. I play alongside, and vs quitters all the time and nothing is worse than the game suffering lag spikes, slow motion due to someone leaving! They have no consideration for other players, why should I have consideration for them quitting!

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