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Looking to Join I Play COD Clan

Just Signed up for a free Call of Duty: Elite Account and I was wondering, How do I Set IPC as My Clan? I Only see the Place to Create a Clan and it shows a Few Clans under Join Clan who are recruting? I was told by one of the Mods on the IPC Forums that it's a Clan I Can't Join, that I would have to apply or be recruited, they currently are not accepting anyone, however I could put in a application.

I Have My Clan Tag Set to IPC Whenever I Play and the Clan Tag Option is Available, I Have CoD4: MW, CoD:MW2 and CoD:BO along with CoD:W@W. According to My Elite Page for CoD:BO, My Current K/D is 0.54 (430 Kills:801 Deaths), SPM is 93 and Win% is 43 (46 Wins:62 Losses, Best Win Streak is 5), I have only had Xbox Live for like a Month now so i'm still fairly new to the CoD Multiplayer and i'm sure as i get more use to it and get more Experence I'll start Getting Better. as of Right now, My Personal Bests are 4.33 K/D, 3 for Most Headshots, Longest Killstreak is 7, Most Kills is 13 and Highest Score is 2750. For Hours Played, it's at 12 Hours Total, 9 Hours TDM, 3 Hours SnD, 0 Hours Domination and 0 Hours Other. I Am Currently Lv 25 With 227223 XP, I Need 17777XP to Get to Lv 26, My Total Score is 67630 and I was in Top 3 19 Times.

If Someone can Please Ponit Me to Where I would Fill out a Application it would Be Nice, if not then I Hope this Post With My Stats to Date is Good Enough. I Live in Southren Ontario, Canada so My Time Zone is EST (GMT -5).